Jul 8, 2017

June 19, 2012 My Personal Journal Entry: Following Jesus takes Courage, Trust and Faith

Father God Almighty. I want to thank You for today. You know my heart so well. You know my every thought and You care about my feelings. Just when I had begun to experience feelings of sorrow and loss, wondering, why You might lead me from our closest friends and church home, You responded.
I was on my way to the local grocery store to pick up a few groceries. Just as I started to leave, a woman stopped me. She said, "Donna? I just wanted to tell you that you made a difference in my life. When you shared your story with me 3 years ago, I was feeling hopeless. But then, I found my way back to God. I just wanted to tell you that." I sobbed as I hugged the woman. Through many tears, I thanked the woman for allowing You to use her encouraging words to touch my heart.

Lord, I’m ready to trust Your plan for my life. I understand now why I must leave this wonderful town. There must be additional broken hearts waiting to hear about the hope I have found in You. Lead me LORD. I will follow You. Thank You for the gift of Your perfect Son, in whose name I pray. Amen."

"Comfort, ye ministers of grace,
Comfort the people of your Lord,
Oh! lift ye up the fallen race,
And cheer them by the Gospel word.

Go, into every nation, go!
Speak to their trembling hearts, and cry,
Glad tidings unto all we show;
Jerusalem, thy God is nigh.

Hark, in the wilderness a cry,
A voice that loudly calls, Prepare!
Prepare your hearts, for God is nigh,
And means to make His entrance there.

The Lord your God shall quickly come:
Sinners, repent, the call obey;
Open your hearts to make Him room,
Ye desert souls, prepare His way.

The Lord shall clear His way thro’ all,
Whate’er obstructs, obstructs in vain;
The vale shall rise, the mountain fall,
Crooked be straight, and rugged plain.

The glory of the Lord displayed
Together all mankind shall view;
And what His mouth in truth hath said,
His own almighty hand shall do."

Charles WesleyHymns and Sacred Poems (Bristol, England: Felix Farley, printer, 1742), page 1.
Rest (Bradbury) William B. Bradbury, 1843
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