Jul 5, 2017

May 27, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry Travis gets baptized and so does his little classmate!

Everlasting Father, today was another incredible day! My son Travis, at age 7, made a public profession of his faith in Your Son, Jesus! What a glorious moment of this walk with You!
As our congregation and a few family members gathered around the makeshift baptismal, Travis raised his hand, hoping to go first. Then, he waited patiently for his turn. 
Once inside the warm water, the Youth Pastor took Travis in his loving arms. Then, our Senior Pastor began to share about Travis’ love for the LORD. “Travis is on fire for the LORD.” He said. Travis nodded his little head. “Travis has brought a lot of friends to church. And, he’s shared the Lord with many people. He shared the LORD with his Sunday school teacher.” The crowd chuckled.
But it was true. You had indeed used Travis as Your instrument in reaching out to the heart of others. His little classmate was right there standing by Travis’ side, not just watching, but waiting for his turn. As soon as Travis came up from the water, the other boy quickly jumped over the side of the baptismal and into the water. Both boys were wearing an ear to ear grin on their little faces. It seems they were ready for a new life found in You! Amazing!
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