Aug 5, 2017

November 1, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry: We Serve the God of the Impossible!

Creator God Almighty, today I decided to watch the news while washing a few dishes. A top news story about a recent hurricane called “Hurricane Sandy,” quickly stopped me in my tracks. It didn’t take long before I was completely wet with tears and crying out to You as I prayed for the victims of the storm.
“Won’t You allow me to fly to New York and reach out to these hurting people LORD?” All throughout the morning, I remained glued to the news. At one point, I decided to take a quick shower. That’s when I noticed that the propane in our trailer had suddenly stopped working. No heat, no hot water, and our perishable food in the refrigerator completely spoiled! Tears had already been flowing hard for the victims of this particular storm. Now, with even more compassion, I thought, “What would it be like to lose everything, not just hot water and a refrigerator full of food, but everything?”  My heart filled with mercy and I began to beg You to allow me to work directly with those who had lost their home, belongings, everything.
While praising You for all that we have, I felt an urge come over me. “Call your husband.” LeeRoy was away on a business trip. “Honey, how do I check the propane tanks?” Over the phone, he walked me through the process. No gas left, only two empty bottles! And, it would cost up to $120.00 to fill the tanks. I didn’t have the money and my husband wasn’t returning home for another day. We would have to go without hot water and power to our refrigerator until LeeRoy returned home.
After we ended the call, I looked up to the heavens and began to pray, “You are mighty God! Thank You for all that we have. And, thank You for filling my heart with compassion for those in immediate need. Won’t You please allow me to show them Your goodness? In Jesus’ name. Amen.” Then, out of curiosity, I turned on the hot water in the shower. Hot water began pouring out. I immediately hopped inside. I had enough to steam up the entire trailer! Unbelievable!

 Before bedtime, my husband called to say “Good night.” I shared with him that Travis and I had both taken wonderful hot showers. He said, “I don’t know how that was possible with empty tanks!” I smiled. I knew how. We serve the God of the impossible!
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