Nov 14, 2011

How God led me to first listen to Christian Music

I remember when God first communicated with me through
music. I had just moved into the new apartment to provide
a safe place for my younger son. The apartment was
small compared to our family home. Reception for a
cellular phone and radio stations were limited in the
area. I felt the effects of the poor radio reception right
away and found myself listening to static when I tried
to tune into my usual Country radio station. After a
week, I became frustrated and began to tune through
radio stations to find another with clearer reception.
One day, while moving the station dial back and
forth, I came across a song which grabbed my attention
immediately. I cried as God tugged on my heart.
The artist sang, “I’m coming back to a heart of worship,
and it’s all about you, all about you Jesus.” I
sobbed as I knelt on my knees. I began to pray and
apologize to God. I admitted that my life to that point
had been about me. I had worshiped myself. My
life was about how I wanted my house to be, how I
wanted others to behave, how I expected to be treated
and how I defined love. I was focused on myself, my
needs and what pleased me. It was the first moment
I realized God should have priority-even over my
family. I decided to turn my life over to God and
began to worship Him.
With the hopes of hearing the song again, I continued
to listen to the station for the next few weeks.
For the first time, I was listening to spiritual songs
outside of a church choir. I was surprised at how
much I enjoyed the songs that played. For years, I
was under the impression that I was “too cool” to
listen to Christian radio and that the songs were
corny. Now, I was finding comfort in every song and
beginning to feel uncomfortable with the songs I listened
to in the past.
Around the same time, God led me to an internet
site that streamed Christian music. I began downloading
songs and playing them repeatedly. Each
time, I cried as I heard artists sing about their lives
and the words of scripture. I couldn’t explain the
sense of comfort and change I was going through,
but God was reaching out to me through spiritual
songs and my heart was softening.

Over the past three years, I have only listened to one type of music, Christian. 
Amazingly through this medium, many times, God has lifted my spirit, taught me scripture and reminded me that He is always with me.
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