Dec 28, 2011

Walking Closer to God in 2012- Proverbs 28

This past week, I resolved to creating my New Year's Resolution for 2012.

Yet, I wondered how I would accomplish this goal. So, I prayed, "Lord this year, help me to continually attempt to discover ways to walk closer to You."

Then, I opened my bible this morning and allow the pages to fall. As God would have it, the pages landed on Proverbs 28. Smiling, I thanked the Lord for providing the perfect way to achieve my New Year's Resolution.

In 2012:

Proverbs 28:5
I will seek the Lord with all my heart to better understand His ways and His plan for my life. 
I will be content with having less money,  remembering how I have found comfort in being an honest and more godly person. Better to have less money and more understanding!
I will obey God's commands and turn my ear towards His law.
I will remain blameless so that I can be a greater blessing to the world.
I will join voices with other righteous believers and praise God for my freedom.
I will continue to humbly confess my sins and repent so that I can continue to enjoy the true peace and mercy that I have found.
I will continue to fear offending God.
I will first consider my own behavior before seeking understanding from others. 
I will continue to pursue this new way of life (as a true believer) because my conscience is finally clear and I have found comfort in becoming the person God intended for me to be.
I will attempt to lead others into a life of true happiness by modeling holiness and honesty.
I will not let pride allow me to stir up strife. I will remember that life is easy if I continually depend on God and His Grace.
I will not place my trust in my own strength, heart or merit but will submit every issue to God through prayer. 
I will give to the poor. I will not turn away from people needing compassion, especially when God calls them to my attention.
I will not take pleasure in the failure of the wicked. I will pray for God to show them the mercy He has freely offered me.

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