Dec 27, 2011

Had I been praying for myself?

As I combined through past blogs today, one particular blog caught my attention.

I hadn't read the entry for some time. Yet, when I noticed it was the most popular post, I became curious. So, I clicked on the entry and began to read. While I read the post out loud to my husband, something wonderful happened. My heart leaped with joy! Until Christmas, I had resolved to pray on my knees for God to comfort His children with a Bible. I asked God to place His Word, my favorite book, in the hands of the lost and hurting. I wrote, "I wonder who will receive a bible as a gift for Christmas this year."

When I finished reading the post, I smiled. Immediately realizing that God had included me in my prayer for others. Because, this Christmas past morning, I received a beautiful, brand new, shiny white bible!

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