Dec 29, 2011

I heard God laugh!


I had often heard others say, "God has a sense of humor."  However, for much of my past, I simply couldn’t comprehend this concept. For years I had believed that God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, was a judgmental ruler who looked for ways to find fault in me. Therefore, I simply couldn’t understand, how the same God could also love, be kind and be playful. Then, during one recent quiet morning prayer time unexpectedly, I heard God laugh!
Since 2008, I have started each morning by reading my bible and spending quiet time with the Lord. At first, I didn’t know if there was a right way to read scripture, so I just let it speak for itself. I would grab hold of the spine of my bible and allow the pages to land as they may. Next, I would begin reading, starting with the first bold chapter number on the page. I simply did my best to comprehend His Word and personal message to me.
Over the years, my bible pages have settled numerous times on the book of Isaiah, Chapter 52. Oddly enough, the pages and binding of my bible never seem to show bulging or partiality to this chapter! It must have been God’s desire that I read this chapter while considering a career change, questioning my marriage, seeking direction for my life, and on several other occasions. At one point, I even felt as though I had read this particular chapter to exhaustion and had asked God, “Can I please read something else?”
Months later, one morning, while I eagerly held the spine of my bible, I jokingly pleaded with God, "Please Lord, not Isaiah chapter 52 again!"  Then, while smiling, I closed my eyes and began to anticipate what He would have me read next. Yet, when I opened my eyes and looked down, I couldn't believe what I saw. Isaiah, chapter 52! My shoulders instantly slumped as I heard myself grumble.  "Really God? Isaiah Chapter 52?"
Suddenly, I heard the sound of laughter fill my head. It was the same toneless voice I had become accustomed to. However, this time, it was simply a delightful and contagious laughter that tickled my heart. Soon, I couldn't contain the feeling inside and I burst into laughter too. What must I have looked like laughing along with God?

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