Jul 20, 2012

Inspiring others through the work of the HOLY SPIRIT

Recently, I felt overcome with emotion as we said our heartfelt 'goodbyes' to our close friends of Nipomo. So many cards, flowers and tears! Later, after we finished unpacking, I reread those sweet cards. Amazingly, each person expressed the same sentiment, "You have touched my heart and helped me to feel closer to God." How humbling! Someone so ordinary as me could inspire another person to learn more about such an Almighty God.

 Three and a half years ago, I prayed, "Please Lord, use my life to bring others to You. Through those cards and letters, God confirmed that He had answered my prayer! Therefore, today I prayed, "Almighty Father, it is a joy to serve You! Please continue to guide me as You allow Your light to shine through me. In Your Holy Name. Amen."

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