Jun 14, 2016

Daily Blog of the 3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt ~By Donna L. Young ~DAY 4

3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt ~By Donna L. Young ~

Day 4~

          Well, the 3 Week Diet Plan Manual says that the results of the scale are enough to keep you pressing on. They are right! My starting weight was 152.2. Today, I weighed 148.0! I was sure that this was just water weight. So, I took out my rusty trusty tape measure. Sure enough, I had lost 2 inches off my hips and 1 in off my abs. My stomach, arms and thighs had stayed the same. Therefore, I am hoping that when I begin eating carbs again, that all the weight will not pack back on.

  • Weighed 148.0 this morning!!!
  • The hunger pangs are a horrible side effect. But, this diet plan (fast) is redirecting my attention away from worldly things and instead toward God. Also, I am beginning to deeply appreciate my Savior's time in the wilderness. "How did Jesus ever go without food or drink for 40 days?" I wonder. 
  • Still feeling a little nauseous from the Stacker Fat Burner. 
  • Sick of vegetables already. And, now, sick of chicken too! 
  • Can't walk without feeling pain in my thighs.
  • Cheated once with a few samples at Nothing Bundt Cakes. No Regrets! 
  • Also, we had no beef in the house to cook, so I bought a Big Mac from McDonald's and at only the lettuce and meat. Oddly enough, I rarely eat McDonald's and I've had it 2x so far. 
  • Ate one of my 11-yr-old's home made chocolate chip cookies. I miss sugar!
                      So far, so good. See you tomorrow!
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