Jul 1, 2016

Daily Blog of the 3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt Days 12-21 and Final Results!

Daily Blog of the 3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt

DAYS ~12 thru 21~

          Okay, so I completed the final days of the 3 Week Diet Plan by Brian Flatt. However, I didn't do all that the plan recommended. First of all, the final days of the plan include nicotine and caffeine each day to burn extra calories. This sounded totally unsafe to me! And, since I've never been a smoker, I decided not to introduce nicotine into my body.

           As for the rest of the plan. Well, I tried to stick to the 1000 calories a day. But I found myself introducing carbs and sweets back into my diet. Needless to say, my numbers instantly began to climb on the scale.

           I continued to work out each day, but was definitely not working out as much as I thought I should have. Therefore, after the 21 days had ended, my final weight was 147.2.

  • I was able to finally break through the 150 lb plateau I had been at for several years. 
  • I am now drinking plain water everyday. 
  • My skin, hair and nails are much stronger.

  • Too extreme!
  • Not completely safe!
  • Weight comes back on too quickly. 
  • No customer service support available. 
  • Easier to just count calories and exercise, though the right way takes longer. 
  • It was more expensive than just the $27.00 to purchase the Ebook. There were supplements, expensive steaks and certain vegetables you had to eat.  
  • At first, my body definitely felt as though I was starving it. Then, suddenly, I was loading my arteries with a very heavy level of FAT.  On one high fat day, I stopped the diet out of fear for my heart.
  • Even though I don't normally eat fast food, the moment I began this diet, my body seemed to crave fast food. Still not sure what this was about.  

            No, I would not do this diet plan again. Nor, would I recommend it to anyone else. After all was said and done, I only lost a total of 5 lbs! I still have 7 lbs to lose before reaching my goal weight. 

          With more weight to lose, I've decided to simply continue to count calories and work out. I am still committed to reaching 140 lbs. So, I will press on until I do. Then, I'll reveal why I attempted this diet in the first place. 


         I'd like to thank you for taking this part of my journey with me. Please know that if you struggle with your weight too, you are not alone. Even women of faith struggle with treating our bodies like temples. So, I'll pray for you and you pray for me. And, we'll just do the best we can to honor God together. In Christ Jesus, 

God bless you!

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