Jun 21, 2016

Daily Blog of the 3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt ~By Donna L. Young ~DAY 11

Daily Blog of the 3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt 

~Day 11~


  • 145! Woohoo! 
  • Now I can eat anything I want so long as I stay under a certain amount of calories and carbs. 
  • White refined sugar doesn't taste as good as God's organic sugar. (I tried to eat a bar off of a Kit Kat candy bar and all I tasted was crunchy sugar and fat. Then, my husband handed me a few pieces of a juicy cold tangerine that he brought home from my Father-in-law's yard..thank you Dad. The orange was sweet and satisfying! Who would have thought I'd ever put down an unfinished candybar?
  • Right now? None!


  • None! I can eat whatever I want. Yeah!

So far, so good. See you tomorrow!

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