Jun 19, 2016

Daily Blog of the The 3 Week Diet Plan~Brian Flatt, By Donna L.Young Day 10

~Day 10~


  • My finger nails are rock hard and my skin condition has all but cleared up. 
  • Also, I large bump on the bottom of my foot has almost completely disappeared. 
  • Not putting the weight right back on. Weighed 146.8 this morning. 
  • Still expelling parasites. 
  • Starting to like Macadamia Nuts. 
  • Food is taking longer to eat. (I am no longer scarfing down my meals). And, I am getting fuller faster on less. 
  • PLATEAU! 146.8. 
  • The high fat content is making me feel nauseous. I miss the first week when I just felt hungry.


  • Ate a completely different dinner than prescribed. Was supposed to have a steak with butter on top but just couldn't eat anymore high fat. So, I had a ham, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on white toast. I did add mayonnaise as suggested. 
  • I cheated with 3 thin Oreo which I shared with our rescued Chihuahuas. Also, I ate a yogurt. 

So far, so good. See you tomorrow!

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