Jun 24, 2017

February 14, 2012 Journal Entry. My prayer for Valentine's Day

Good morning Father God! Last night was restless night’s sleep. Not because of what happened two days ago, for You mended my heart and renewed my Spirit very quickly. But, for much of the night, I laid awake staring at my bedroom ceiling pondering whether or not You might still write “John 3:16” in the sky somewhere, somehow.  Oh LORD, won’t You please greet me with this very special gift today.

In a few moments, I’ll drive my young son to school. I am so hoping for Your glorious answer to my prayer. I realize that this prayer may seem “foolish” to some. Yet, I’ve never felt such excitement before.  In fact, I’ve decided to bring my camera along with me. I can’t wait to show others proof of Your glorious ways. 

Late afternoon
All Powerful God, I tried hard to pay attention to the road as I drove my son to school this morning. But time after time, I caught myself gazing at the sky from every angle. Such eagerness!
At one stop light, I noticed that a cloud had moved into the shape of the number 3 and had a fluffy semicolon beside it. My heart filled with joy. Soon after, two other clouds carved a perfect "JO." I thought, “This is it!”  But, as I neared my son’s elementary school, I began to wonder, “Where was the complete “John 3:16?” Once I left his school parking lot, I drove around our town for another hour or two before I decided to return home.
At home, I grabbed a blanket and my camera. I spread the blanket on a small grassy area and continued cloud watching. At one point, I took a lunch break. While waiting for my microwavable meal to finish cooking, I decided to read a few email messages.          
Right away, my eyes drew to a friend’s entry. A few days prior, I had shared my prayer request with this particular friend. Today, her email said, “I saw this while driving back into town this morning.” She attached the following photo.   
Just above our hometown was a fluffy cloud in the shape of a heart. I smiled as contemplated the wondrous photo. “My heart, my God.” I thought.   
In that moment, I wondered, “Was this the answer to my prayer request?” After all, John 3:16 is about Your LOVE for us. And, the heart-shaped cloud was a sign in the clouds above Nipomo.

But then my old stubborn self, reminded me that my prayer was for a specific biblical address. So, I decided to keep searching. Oh LORD, I sure hope that somewhere in the immensity of the sky, You’ve written “John 3:16.”  


“Dear Heavenly Father, nighttime will soon turn to dawn. And sadly, I am filled with confusion and regret. As I stand here glancing at my prayer board, I wonder what I’ve done wrong? I tearfully sigh as I bow my head and pray, “Oh Father, please forgive me. I seemed to have asked for something that was not of Your will. You must know from these tears, that even if You never answer another prayer, I will still love You with all my heart! You are my beloved. And nothing will ever separate me from Your love. I love You Father God. Good night. Through my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.”
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