Jun 8, 2017

November 16, 2011 Journal Entry. Letting Go of the World's Traditions. Following God's Ways Instead.

            Almighty God and Father, I worship You and I give You thanks. Today I find myself feeling a sense of freedom from an old habit of trying to fit into the world in which we live. It used to be that I’d participate in manmade traditions without giving them a second thought. However, this year, I feel a tug on my heart to follow Your ways instead.
It'll Thanksgiving Day soon, a day I normally spend slaving in the kitchen while family members watch sporting events and snack on personal favorites.
However, now that our adult children are out on their own now, and I’d most likely have to plead with them to return home for the holiday, I am second guessing all the fuss. After all, our youngest son Travis isn’t fond of the entire turkey meal and it sure would be a lot of work and money for just my husband and me. Not to mention, this time, LeeRoy’s visit may be shorter than normal due to his work schedule.
You know, a funny thing happened today just as I began to reconsider how we might spend the holiday. My husband called home. I couldn't help but smile when he began to speak my thoughts out loud. “I can only return home for a few days this time. Would you consider driving south and joining me at my worksite for the holiday? The campground is hosting a Thanksgiving Day meal and I can make reservations for dinner if you’d like.” No cooking? No cleanup? No fussing? No expectations? “Yes!” I screamed in his ear. 
          Right away, my heart started to fill with excitement. I can't wait for an entire week, spent with my husband free of obligation. I can’t wait to see all that You have planned for us, LORD. This Thanksgiving, Travis and I will be with LeeRoy in Calipatria! I can't wait!
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