Jun 11, 2017

November 23, 2011 Journal entry. God's Plans are Always Perfect!

Dear God, You are essential, absolutely and exceptionally good! What a day it has been!  While my husband and I bathed like ancient kings and queens in the park’s free heated natural springs, our youngest son, Travis played for hours in his own warm 90-degree pool. Doves, many doves, perched and cooed in the palm trees above where we bathed. Such a sweet sound to my ears! I lost count as to how many of my favorite feathered friends had drawn near.  At one point, my heart became so overwhelmed with Your goodness, I thought it might burst. Under my breath, I quietly whispered, “It’s too much Father. Your love is too much for me to handle! I can barely soak it all in.”  
Then, as if to lavish even more love, You had my husband offer to take Travis and me for a ride in a dune-buggy. “You’ll have to visit the natural caves nearby.” The dune-buggy owner exclaimed as we signed the rental agreement.
Soon, we arrived at the caves the man had spoken about. My imagination began to run wild as biblical stories seemed to come alive. As I stood before the large natural rock dotted with shallow caves, I just knew that You were offering me an unforgettable experience!

In that moment, I shared with LeeRoy and Travis that Your only Son Jesus was more likely born in a cave rather than in a wooden manger. To my surprise, the two of them swiftly ran to one of the caves and curiously began exploring together, while I remained by the buggy staring at a series of caves along a cliff face. Swept up by the moment, I began to envision wondrous bible stories where dens and caves served as dwellings places of refuge and as ancient tombs. I shook my head, as I realized I could never have planned a moment such as this. All of our hearts stirred up for You simultaneously? Truly You have plans for our lives together. Plans to bring us closer together as we try our best to follow You.  I love You Lord! Thank You for this day! 
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