Jun 6, 2017

October 20, 2011 Journal Entry. I can only Imagine!

Father God, tonight our family experienced another one of those special moments that will most likely leave us smiling for years to come.
Because he is working from home for a few days, my husband created a makeshift workstation out of our living room table. Many reports to complete. Meanwhile, I busied myself by doing light household chores in the kitchen. Our six-year-old son kept us entertained by listening to worship music. Although we were all in the same room, at first, we seemed to be distracted by our tasks.  Out of respect for the late work night his father faced, our son put headphones on as he listened to his favorite new song that streamed through the computer.
After a while, I noticed that Travis was listening to the same song repeatedly. Then suddenly, he lifted his sweet little arms in adoration as he sang from the top of his lungs, "Surrounded by Your Glory what will my heart feel...mmmm...JESUS...mmmm…be still." Within a moment, our living room had gone from dead silence to a loud and glorious noise. Maybe it was because we were caught off guard, that my husband and I began to giggle. Or perhaps it was how he sang about his love for Jesus, however off-key, that left us simply feeling a moment of pure joy. 
My husband reached for his cell phone to videotape our son. From the corner of our son’s eye, he noticed that his dad was filming him. I thought Travis would stop singing, but instead, he pulled the headphones from the speaker, smiled and turned the volume up full blast. Now the song played so that we all could hear. Travis continued singing. All the while, my husband and I listened intently to the words of the song. What unimaginable joy I had discovered. “The Lord saved my heart, my life, and my marriage. Truly, I can only imagine what it will be like when I am surrounded by Your glory, one day with You, in Heaven above!”
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