Jul 16, 2017

July 10, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry: How can cleaning the restroom bring God glory?

Holy Father, thank You for this morning. While Travis and I read Your Word together, I felt Your love enter my heart. Feeling as though I might burst if I didn’t share it, I ran to You for my next task.
Without hesitation, I thought about the state of the bathrooms here at our new campsite. What a mess! Clogged toilets, empty shampoo bottles and used bars of soap wrapped in long strands of hair.
Despite the heat, I find myself feeling an uncontrollable urge to clean the restrooms. “Perhaps this is another opportunity to share Your love with someone?” I wonder. “I have seen an elderly man cleaning the restrooms early each morning. Maybe he’s in charge of restroom maintenance?  I’m sure he’d appreciate some help.” I think.
Later on
Dear Jesus, it only took a few hours to complete my task with not one scuff mark left behind!  Right after I had prayed to You this morning, I grabbed my cleaning materials and walked to the restrooms located in the grassy area. I began to scrub. Almost immediately, salty sweat began to pour from my forehead and sting my eyes. As the chemicals mixed with the muggy air, I remembered Your request to sing. I began to sing the one familiar song I had heard in church a few days prior. “Bless the Lord oh my soul, ooooh my soul, worship His holy name… sing like never before, oh my soul, worship Your holy name. I worship Your holy name.” While singing songs of praise to You, time passed by quickly.
After I had finished cleaning, I realized that I felt sticky and kind of gross, so I gathered my young son and went to the pool to cool off. Without delay, You confirmed Your presence in the form of two doves that circled only a few feet above our heads.

Right then and there, I hanged my head and quietly prayed. “Oh LORD, being in Your presence is truly an overwhelming experience. Thank You for allowing me to follow You today and for teaching me that all assignments, no matter how small they may appear, can be used for Your glory. I can’t wait for You to reveal how You opened the eyes of another through the cleaning of a restroom. Thank You for conveying Your love for me in counting me to worthy to serve You today. Amen.
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