Jul 19, 2017

July 17, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry. God says, "You shall surely die!" Isaiah chapter 22.

El Shaddai, all night last night, I felt Your request stir my heart. As a result, first thing this morning, I researched the location of the burn center where the man was being treated. Then I shared my intention to visit the man in the hospital with my 7-year-old son. He chose to accompany me.
            We arrived at the hospital early mid-afternoon. As we walked through the entrance doors, I prayed, “Lord, please help me help this man going through unimaginable pain.” Soon, we arrived at the Intensive Care Unit. One quick press of the call button and a sweet nurse welcomed us both inside. I explained that I was a missionary sent by God to comfort a member of my church. The woman simply replied, “You are one of the few visitors this man has had. You, and your Pastor. That’s it.” Then, she led me and Travis over to the nurses’ station and helped me to prepare to enter the man’s recovery room. I was fitted with a plastic blue stretchy hat, matching gown and sterile gloves. Looking over at Travis, I said, “Son, wait here and read your bible. I’ll be right back.”
Next, I slowly walked over to the man’s bedside and softly called his name. “____, it’s Donna. Can you hear me?” Our eyes met! My heart began to beat faster. I continued, “Travis is here too! We came to tell you that God is with you and that we love you.” I hadn’t even taken a breath before I began to say, “I love you repeatedly! I love you, ____! I love you, _____!” I felt amazed as the words of love continued to pour out of me unconsciously.  Our eyes never lost connection. I knew he could hear me.
            Afterward, I opened my Bible. I had determined my heart to read whatever Scripture the pages opened to. Isaiah chapter 22. This wasn’t the comforting message I had hoped to deliver! I slowly read each verse out loud trying to imagine myself in the dying man’s position.  https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+22&version=NKJV.
Suddenly, I came upon the words, “You shall die,” in verse 18. Please Lord; don’t make me say these words. “Read!” I felt You say. “You shall die,” I said faintly and felt my strength diminish in me. My eyes welled with tears. Feeling sick to my stomach, I then left his private room, thanked the two nurses, and placed my cap and gown in the trash can. Just then, the nurse softly grabbed my hand. She said, “Pray for me too!” I promised her that I would before Travis and I walked slowly to the elevator.
Down the long hallway, my son excitedly announced, “I made a paper airplane and ate orange Jell-O, Mom.” I wanted to join him in his enthusiasm, but I still felt in shock from all that had transpired. So, I remained quiet.
            Almost immediately, we began our hour long drive home. We hadn’t driven far before Travis became ill. No warning signs, just the sudden feeling of wet hair on the side of my head. Our car’s roof was covered in orange Jell-O and so was I.” Travis began to cry. “I am so sorry Mommy.” He said in between tears. “That was an attack from Satan, Son.” Please don’t worry about it, I said as I pulled into the nearest Carl’s Jr. parking lot.
            I parked our car and then asked my son to pray with me. “I hate that guy!” My son emphatically exclaimed. “Who?” I asked. “Satan,” Travis replied. “Me too, Son. But, by his response, I think in a way, Satan is confirming that we’ve just done God’s will.”

            Right then and there, we prayed Satan and his helpers away. Unexpectedly, Travis felt hungry. He was sure he felt better. So, I splurged and bought him a large hamburger and milk. Wouldn’t You know it? The rest of the day, Travis felt fine!
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