Jul 12, 2017

July 3, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry. God is at work in every conversation

Father God, surely You are at work in each conversation I am having with my new neighbors. Today, I felt led by Your Holy Spirit to strike up another conversation. This time, only one of the two women was sitting outside when I approached their trailer. The woman invited me to sit with her in the shade. Instantly, she shared her heartbreaking story with me. You had called her young son and husband home one day through a tragic car accident. Tears began to fill my eyes. When the woman had finished speaking, I told her that I was adding her name to my prayer board. I promised to pray that You’d send Your Spirit to ease her suffering heart. As I turned to walk away, I did my best to keep from breaking down. Instead, I smiled and said, “I will pray for a relief in the triple digit temperature outside.”

 Just inside our trailer, my knees buckled. I fell to the ground and began to weep. At the time of the tragedy, her son was seven-years-old, the same age Travis is now. I wept as though the tragedy had happened to me. Through countless tears, I poured my heart out to You. “Heavenly Father, please comfort Your child. Please heal her broken heart and surround her with Your love.  In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.”  By the time I had finished, I felt physically exhausted. Even so, later on, I kept my word and prayed for You to show the woman a sign. “Please Lord, bring us some relief from this heat and let her know You are here with us.”
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