Jul 2, 2017

May 12, 2012 My Personal Journal Entry: Prayer to God for my biological dad

Good morning dear LORD. Today, I turn to You on behalf of my biological dad who recently shared with me that he has become homeless. My heart broke as I read his most recent email response.  
As usual, I prayed before reaching out to him. Even though he and I have been communicating for some time now, today, I wasn’t sure what You might want me to say. So, I prayed first. Then, over the computer, the words began to flow. 

“Dear Dad,
I was thinking about you this morning. I was wondering if you found joy yet.  If not, how about saying a little prayer with me?  What do you have to lose? "Dear Lord, I want to know You personally. I am willing, with your help, to turn from my sins. Thank You for sending Jesus who died in my place and rose again to be my Savior. Come into my life and lead me. Amen."
Love, Your daughter, Donna”

At the risk of never hearing from him again, I hit “send.” To my surprise, I later opened my email inbox to find the following response.  

“Dear Donna,   Thanks for thinking about me. Joy is something that may come in time when my life is not directly connected with surviving and living a "homeless" life.  I appreciate the prayer, said it quietly in the park this morning, and have had a better day than usual. Hope you are doing well, and your projects are going well for you. Sincerely, David

           King of Kings, through Jesus, I pray that You’ll open my biological dad’s eyes to see his deep spiritual need for You. Please help him find a home in You as well as in Your family. I thank You now for counting me a servant of Your Son and for trusting me to speak Your message with sincerity. Thank You for filling my heart with mercy towards my biological dad and the countless others You have placed along my path. Thank You, Father, for being such a good Shepherd, Father, and friend. Thank You for being You! Amen.
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