Jul 28, 2017

September 6, 2012. My Personal Journal Entry: The Bible says not to Worry. Trusting God.

Father God, it has been two weeks since I first enrolled my son in the online Christian school. We’ve only had sparse contact with the Director and our son is still not in school. Public school has begun, and although I know Your Word tells me not to worry, still, I am feeling intense stress and conflict.
            Not to mention, our normally jovial seven-year-old has begun to act out. Perhaps, Travis is feeling sad that his friends back home have all started school without him. He appears to be feeling isolated and homesick.
Sadly, signs of Your peace gracing our new family home have all but disappeared. Even those glorious doves that ordinarily follow me around have flown away.  The atmosphere has changed from peaceful harmony to strife. Oh LORD, I’m doing my best to hide the pain. But, behind closed doors, I am fighting the sudden urge to weep. It is so difficult to not take back control. Please help me!

Today, I announced to my husband that I am going to fast and pray until You provide an answer one way or the other regarding our son’s education. “I’m going to fast too,” my husband unbelievably replied. We’ll begin our fast tomorrow.  It’s hard for me to patiently wait upon You, LORD. But, You are so patient with me! So, I will patiently wait for You. In Jesus' name. Amen."
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