Aug 2, 2017

October 4, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry: God's Grace is Enough

Father God, I suppose if I were to write all the stories that have touched my soul and inspired me to press on, I’d write volumes. Today, I’ll mention a simple way Your Spirit led me to share Your grace with another. 
 Travis and I had just pulled into the local grocery store parking lot. A song that we both love played on the radio. We decided to listen to the rest of the song when suddenly, I noticed an elderly man driving down the next aisle of the parking lot. As he began to pull into the spot directly in front of us, I thought, "He's not slowing down." Crash! 

Perhaps the man was waiting for his front tires to stop against a stone bumper. But instead, his car hit ours. We weren't hurt. Still, the elderly man looked straight at me with a devastated look on his face. Immediately, I got out of my car. He must have thought I was going to yell at him. Instead, I simply said, "Now you let that go! It’s not a big deal. We’re fine. God bless you today." The man bowed his head, humbly smiled and whispered the words "I'm sorry," while slowly walking away. With tears in my eyes, I finally understood what it meant to be graceful. I turned up the song on the radio as Travis and I both praised You for the opportunity to show that sweet man, Your Grace.
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