Aug 1, 2017

September 24, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry: When others see Jesus in us

El Shaddai, today, before school, I reminded my son that Your Word tells us that You were rejected and hated first. I told Travis that I loved him and that I was proud of him for always doing his best to share You with the lost. Then, just before he began to walk away, off to another day of instruction at school, I kissed his little forehead and prayed a simple prayer out loud. I prayed, “God, please bless Travis’ day today.” Travis walked away smiling, seemingly ready to face another day.
            Afterward, I began walking towards my car as usual. At that time, a little girl, probably about 3-years-old who was holding her mother’s hand, passed by. As she walked by, she looked at me with a strong, intent stare. The little girl’s peculiar reaction caused me to notice the moment. The closer we became to one another, the more her beautiful little eyes widened and her little jaw dropped. By the time we were facing one another; her head was completed cocked back and her eyes were fixed with an intent stare. Apparently, her mother couldn’t see what the little girl saw, because as the child turned and stretched her neck to keep eye contact with me; her mother yanked her arm, with a “come on,” motion.
My curiosity was so strong, by the time I returned to my car, I couldn’t wait to look in my rear view mirror to see just what might have caught the little girl’s attention. Nothing! I looked just the same as normal. All day long, I pondered the moment in my heart, wondering, “What could she have seen in me?”  
Later On
When Travis returned home from school, he excitedly shared with me how You had answered my morning prayer request. "Mom, I had an amazing day!” He breathlessly exclaimed. “Even the girl that was mean to me was amazing! And, the star student said something super sweet. She said, ‘Out of all the children in our class, I will never forget you!’”

Oh, Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for answering another prayer and for revealing Your power and majesty today!
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