Nov 12, 2011

Writing a Book was never about becoming rich!

It took yesterday's official book launch for me to search my soul regarding why God led me to write a book. I spent many nights, staying up late, creating videos for YouTube, a personal blog and a facebook page. I even began to read books on how to utilize Inbound Marketing techniques. However, in the process of marking the book, I lost the desire to simply tell my story. I had forgotten the joy I felt in offering a free copy of the book to someone who was experiencing pain.

This morning, my husband woke up before me. He quietly tiptoed into the kitchen to get a Mountain Dew. When I heard him, I opened my eyes. Then, he came to sit by my side. We talked briefly about the change in weather. He said, "It's gorgeous outside." So, I encouraged him to go play a round of golf. I said, "I need to do some soul searching and truly listen to God's direction. Somehow, I have gotten off track."

Then, soon after my husband left, I opened my bible and began to read a chapter. The pages settled on Judges Chapter 5. At first, I read that God doesn't need human help, yet is pleased to accept the services of those use their talents to advance His cause.  As my eyes welled with tears, I spoke to God. "I am sorry I made the past few months about money. Providing hope to others by sharing my testimony is the real reason you allowed me to write the book! I'm sorry God!"

I continued to read and discovered that those who serve the Lord with the talents He has given them will not lose their reward. I started to wonder, "What was I hoping to accomplish with the book launch? Generate a bunch of money? Had I forgotten all those times God handed me unexpected money when I focused my efforts solely on Him?"

By the time I finished writing this blog, everything I heard, saw or read was about money. First, I read a bible verse that told me "Narrow, selfish spirits care not what becomes the church but worry about getting, keeping and saving money." Next, I watched my youngest son dump his piggy bank and complain about how much money he lacked. Then, a commercial for a Capital One credit card aired on the television. The actor said, "Do you want more cash? Who doesn't want more cash?"

I thought back over the past few years. I remembered how I had relied on the Lord to provide for my needs and that He had never let me down. Of course sharing the hope that I have found through Jesus Christ is far more rewarding than any amount of riches this world can offer!
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