Dec 5, 2011

God Orchestrated Our Thanksgiving Day Celebration!

Thanksgiving Day 2011, I decided not to host a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner in our home. Instead, our family surrendered the week's vacation and Thanksgiving Day to the Lord. In return, God orchestrated the picture perfect occasion to share His birth in a practical way with my newly saved husband and youngest son.

We had arrived at the KOA with no expectations. However, by day two we had participated in many of the activities offered by the campground. So, my husband offered our son and me a chance to ride in a doonbuggie over the sandy hills nearby. I couldn't wait to take the off road vehicle for a drive. As we drove over the cliffs, hills and valleys, the concept that Jesus was born in a cave lingered in my mind. God must have known my thoughts because we unknowingly followed Him straight to same natural cavities and rock shelters built by His own hand.

Caves on California Mexico Boarder
The drive out to the caves was bumpy, cold and gritty. Yet, it was worth every minute. Scripture immediately came to life as I shared with my wide eyed husband and child how Jesus was more likely born in a cave rather than a manger. To my surprise, and without any hesitation, both my husband and son quickly responded to my words by climbing inside one of the caves and exploring.

Because I am a new believer, I don't pretend to know scripture enough to preach it. Yet, when God reveals yet another truth, I am filled with excitement and can't wait to share my new discovery with others. I can't wait to see what He will reveal next!

May the Good Lord bless you this Thanksgiving Day by filling your heart with His peace and joy!

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