Jun 16, 2016

3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt ~By Donna L. Young ~Day 7

3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt ~By Donna L. Young ~

Day 7~

Well, the weight is mostly staying off. 146.2 today. I went up a little, but not by much.

  • Weighed 146.2 this morning!!!
  • NOTHING tastes better than plain water anymore. I tried a swig of my son's sweetened iced tea and it tasted terrible. I also tried a drink from my husband's PROPEL water. Again, I was immediately reaching for my purified water glass. Amazing!
  • I am sleeping really well at night!
  • Can't wait until day 9 when I can have anything I want (as long as I stay under 30 carbs of course). 
  • Still hungry between meals. 
  • Still wrestling with short temper.
  • I ate a pre-packaged, individual communion cup to celebrate communion with my LORD.
  • Had provolone cheese and two slices of fresh tomato with my egg and onion omelet this morning.
                      So far, so good. See you tomorrow!
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